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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


IoT solutions for Agriculture enable you to transform your network and information if you are looking to collect and analyze data to keep your Agricultural Projects and processes running at optimal capacity, or you need your IoT devices, networks, and applications to work.

Banking & Financial Services

From cybersecurity, Video, Internet of Things (IoT), we help design and build the Telecommunication infrastructure and provide the latest technologies and networking protocols under a secure environment.


We provide state-of-the-art Access to Internet and digital content for schools and universities that don't have an internet connection or whose connectivity is low. Work with educational resources without 

Energy & Utilities

As your operations become digitized, you need connectivity solutions that are smart: that enable better data intelligence, remote operations and personnel safety in a way that doesn’t compromise quality or your budget. Scada Applications and M2M connectivity Services are within our field of expertise.


Gain greater insights, clearer vision and a united focus on your critical missions with EConsulting Government’s end-to-end managed communications solution. 


The number of mobile devices and demand for broadband connectivity is on the rise—not only in bustling, urban centers. Today, mobile operators are seeking to extend their coverage even further, to remote and rural locations clamoring for connectivity. Whether it’s through fiber, microwave, satellite or a hybrid solution, our cellular backhaul solutions will help you extend voice and data services to expand your coverage area and your revenue.

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